• Andre Ramos-Woodard

The 2021 Silver List


Y’all I am truly at a loss for words. I can’t explain to you how excited and honored I am to be a part of this muhfkn list—The 2021 Silver List, organized by @silvereyecenter, is a collection of photo-based artists choosen by a bunch of curators/ scholars/ publishers/ critics who think the artists’ works “should be seen more widely.” Seriously, some of the artists on this list, like @dangelolovellwilliams + @zorajmurff, are seriously people I’ve been looking at for inspiration since undergrad. Artists like @leonardsuryajaya + @itsdionne make moves and BEEN inspiring me to make the work I wanna make exactly how I wanna make it. From @fatemeh.baigmoradi to @shikeith to @markwmcknight to @alex_turner_art , ALL of these artists make bad-ass, jaw dropping work and have something important to say through their art. Idk, I just respect the makers on this list so much that it feels surreal to have my work alongside ‘em. And @vanityfair did an article on us?! Come thruuu

**All @s are correlated to the artists' Instagram accounts.

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