I have an unusual relationship with “relationships”. After all, a relationship between two individuals is complicated. It’s hard to interpret where the common ground lies. For example, one individual in a relationship can develop fondness and incredible devotion, while the other person could care less if the other remained in their life or not. People come and go. Some leave marks that never leave your personhood. Some you’re better off without. We as humans thrive off community and connection. Whether you like it or not, the truth is no one wants to be lonely. I myself need to be around other people. I need to have relationships. Sometimes I really fucking despise these codependent qualities.

My art is heavily influenced by personal experience, which is derived from a subconscious necessity to apprehend my thoughts and feelings. As I sift through different ways to create, the making process has become less about portraying internal ideas that are relatable and accessible, and much more about the process of how my thoughts translate in the moment. In my most recent work, I am exploring the relevance of relationships that I have with loved ones. I rely on them too much for confirming my own self-worth. My drawings are a representation of my connection with an individual, an exploration of self, or some synthesis of the two ideas. I combine realistic depictions of loved ones with recognizable symbols, text, and the uncanny. My drawing process is sketch-like and additive: a mess of chaotically placed lines that carefully fuse to represent something more. The linework and subject matter join to create a representation of self-doubt and what it means to need someone.