The LGBTQ community has been repressed and stereotyped for decades. As a queer man, my sexuality is important to me. It's part of who I am, and I am no longer afraid to say it. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for so many people within this community. In the United States and beyond, many are forced to hide this aspect about themselves because of society and especially due to religion. Personally, I grew up Christian. This meant being queer was wrong... it was that simple. I did not accept my identity due to the fear of being outcast by my family, ridiculed by my peers, and condemned to eternal hell by God. I felt as if the uncontrollable urge I had to simply love and be attracted to someone else, who happened to be of the same gender, was going to destroy my soul. The church that I was forced to go to weekly became to exist to me almost as a prison, with the eyes of the Lord zoning in on me, judging me.


My body of work is using religious iconography, specifically the halo, to glorify and exemplify the same people that this religion condemn.